At House of Glenroy we pride ourselves in exploring and discovering those Whiskies that will create an exquisite, shared experience of gifting and receiving. These very special whiskies offer an opportunity not only to savour an exclusive taste of Scotland but also the chance to experience the alluring and emotional representation of the act of giving and receiving.

Gift giving is one of humanity's oldest practices. Cultural, corporate, and social gift giving is part of the social fabric of many nationalities. The desire to please others through the offering a special gift gives both the recipient and the giver a special feeling of intimacy that is uniquely shared.

We want to ensure that whether you are buying a special bottle of Whisky for a friend, a relative or even just to treat yourself, you will enjoy that very special gift giving experience.


Only those truly special spirits that have been discovered, tasted, and approved personally by us and our trusted whisky advisors make the cut.

And at the top of our list, you will find Linkwood. Built by the banks of the river Lossie in the heart of Speyside, it has been a working distillery for over 200 years. 

The original stone house and pagoda topped malt house are still in use today and it has maintained the consistency and the flavours of the original whiskies distilled there so long ago.

House of Glenroy is honoured to have the great single malts of the Linkwood Distillery leading our portfolio of special Speyside whiskies.