A 77 year old whisky drinker's honest review of House of Glenroy...

We recently had a new customer try our 12 year old single malt whisky and kindly give us his honest feedback. At 77 years old and a loyal fan of malt whisky, Dennis Snelling, Cowbridge is for sure a trustworthy and valued source! Here's what he thought...

"House of Glenroy 12 year old single malt is one of the nicest whiskies I've ever had, and I've been drinking whisky for over 50 years! The flavour really holds in your mouth even after swallowing. I usually enjoy my whisky with coke and only drink the best of the best neat - this whisky I would for sure savour neat."

Overall, Dennis rated House of Glenroy 12 year old single malt 9/10 and said he would most certainly recommend it to others. We thoroughly appreciate your feedback Dennis!

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